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Smart Volume lashes have been designed in a way that when picked up, they immediately make a fan! Smart Volume lashes are incredible for beginners at volume lashing and those artists who struggle to make a fan but still want want to able to provide volume lashes to their clients. They are SO easy to use!

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Brittany - 05/27/20

Love them!❤️ So easy to use!!!

Kendra - 05/04/20

Love these so much! They fan so easily. Way better than other easy fan brands. However I would love to see single length trays as well as the mixed trays.

Anonymous - 02/11/20

Love, love , this is fabulous !! Thank you Bella lash😘

Michelle - 01/22/20

The lashes are amazing! I struggle with worsening arthritis, and my fans have been slowly deteriorating with regular volume lashes. These are a godsend and my fans are back to looking fabulous without much effort!! I’ll be able to keep lashing for a long time. And my speed is way up due to ease of fanning. All around great!