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Precision By Haley Tweezers

Precision By Haley Tweezers

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The Precision by Haley Tweezers are one-of-a-kind and custom designed by Bella Lash founder and Master Lash Artist, Haley!

"These tweezers are of the highest quality surgical steel and were designed specifically with precision top of mind! These tweezers will do exactly what they were designed for - make them work for you! The tips are defined and precise. Use the straight for careful isolation, the boot to create the most beautiful fans, and the crane to meticulously perfect your classic lashing." -- Haley Chipman, Founder

Straight Tweezer - perfect for isolation on either classic or volume lashing. Perfect for isolation on either classic or volume lashing. The tip of the tweezers has been refined to create the most precise point possible, allowing the tweezers to easily isolate in any lash environment.

Crane Tweezer - perfect for classic lashing. Haley designed these tweezers with One-Lash Technology. With the perfect amount of precise tension, these tweezers effortlessly grab a single lash, saving time and allowing you to focus on your client and the artistry of your work.

Boot Tweezer - perfect for volume lashing. These tweezers have been perfectly calibrated so that the entire boot of the tweezers is the sweet spot. Perfect tension from tip to heel allows you to grab, shape, and place your volume fans with ease.

*Each tweezer sold separately*



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