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Precision By Haley Diamond Elite Tweezers

Precision By Haley Diamond Elite Tweezers

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The Precision by Haley Tweezers are one-of-a-kind and custom designed by Bella Lash founder and Master Lash Artist Haley!

"These tweezers are of the highest quality surgical steel and were designed specifically with precision top of mind! These tweezers will do exactly what they were designed for - make them work for you! Whether doing classic or volume lashes, the  Diamond Elite Tweezers are the most innovative tweezers, boosting your isolation and placement technique and increasing your speed. They have diamond-coated tips to help increase grip and precision. The etched gripping pattern on the sides of the tweezer helps control movement.

Crane Tweezer - perfect for classic lashing. Haley designed these tweezers with One-Lash Technology. With the perfect amount of precise tension, these tweezers effortlessly grab a single lash, saving time and allowing you to focus on your client and the artistry of your work.

Curved Tweezer -great for isolating and classic applications. Its curvature and sharp tip make both isolating and placement a breeze. These are uniquely shaped tweezers that extend over the contours of the eyebrows, eyes, and nose bridge, this ergonomically designed tweezer features precision tips that offer remarkable visibility,

*Each tweezer is sold separately*



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