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Online Classic Course

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The Bella Classic + Volume Lash Course Bundle

Online Classic Course $300
Online Volume Course $300

If purchased you will receive a bundle kit.


Created by professional lash artists, The Classic Online Course will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to begin your lash journey. This course will teach you the fundamentals of classic lashing, safety, risks, proper marketing techniques, and much more! This course was designed to be done at your own pace through the online portal. If you are a beginner in the industry, need a refresher, or are looking to continue your education, this course is for you!

The course includes a Classic Online Kit, a Certificate of Course Completion, and Continuous Support. All regulations vary by country and state. Remember to check the requirements in your area to legally perform a service if a license is required by a governing body. This course is non-refundable. 

This Online Classic Course includes a Classic Online Kit, Certificate of Course Completion, and the funds used in the course can be transferred for hands-on training near you.

*Student manual is not included in the online course.*

*This course is non-refundable.*

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what's included

• Mixed tray, C-Curl .15mm
• Crystallized Fan Mix Tray
• Education Bundle
• Large Jade Stone
• Gold Adhesive 3ml
• Classic Straight Tweezers
• Classic Curved Tweezers
• Bella Lash Bag
• Lint Free Gel Patch 5 count
• Mascara Wands
• Tape Roll
• Hand Sanitizer
• Bella Lash Neoprene Bag
• Glass Palette

Online classic course

Boost your income & build a thriving lash business


  • Gain proficiency in the art and science of applying classic lash extensions, enhancing your professional service offering.
  • Learn the essentials of operating your own successful lash business, turning your passion into a profitable venture.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies, particularly in social media, to attract a loyal client base and expand your business reach..
  • Comprehensive training and support you need to excel in the world of classic lashing.

Online classic course

$300 Course Value:$600

What’s included

Online Classic CourseMixed tray, C-Curl .15mmCrystallized Fan Mix TrayEducation BundleLarge Jade StoneGold Adhesive 3mlClassic Straight TweezersClassic Curved Tweezers

Lint Free Gel Patch 5 countMascara WandsTape RollHand SanitizerBella Lash Neoprene BagGlass Palette

What you will learn


  • Student agreement
  • Our Training Philosophy
  • Why Eyelash Extensions
  • Common lash myths


  • Eyelash Anatomy
  • The Lash Growth Cycle
  • The Imporatance of healthy lashes
  • Safety & Risks
  • Sensitivities Vs. Allergies
  • When Not to Lash


  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Classic Lash Diameters
  • Classic Lash Curl
  • Classic Lash Length
  • Types of Classic Lashes


  • Wrapping vs Crystalization
  • Cover your bases
  • Knowing the angles
  • Natural styling for best retention


  • Understanfing the chemicals in adhesives
  • Enviroment matters
  • Caring for your adhesive
  • Adhesive Manipulation
  • Work smarter, not harder

SECTION 6 Put some prep in your step

  • Prepping the lashes
  • The power of aftercare
  • Do you guarantee your work

SECTION 7 The backside of mastering retention

  • Pricing your speciality
  • Marketing your speciality
  • Retention mastery quiz

Hear from our successful students

"Amazing! Bella Lash Academy makes learning lashes such an easy and enjoyable process!! Thank you for helping me level up my lash business!"

"Great Course!! The course has everything you need to know! It breaks down everything and is very easy to learn. Thanks to Bella Lash Academy, I feel confident and successful in my lash career!"

"I love this course!!!! I'm loving the course so far, and I've learned so much already. This was such a great investment, and I feel like a successful lash artist already! Bella Lash Academy provides not only top-notch education but also an amazing kit that has everything I need!"

"VERY DETAILED. The course is very detailed, informative, and easily formatted for the reader to understand. The knowledge I gained from Bella Lash Academy has helped me take my lash business to new heights!"

Get a certificate of course completion

Step 1: register

After you purchase, you will recieve an email from skillsuite for access.

Step 2: learn

Learn at your own pace. Don’t forget you have lifetime access.

Step 3: certificate

After completing the course, you recieve your certificate of course completion.

Do you struggle with ...?

Online classic course

$300 Course value:$600

After this course, you will be able to:

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Compare the differences

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Bella Lash’s Online Classic Course

Competitors Classic Courses

  • Learn classic lashing application
  • Learn eye anatomy & hair growth
  • Learn about lash removal
  • Course & kit discounted to $300
  • 12 years of Lash Industry education experience
  • Course completion certificate
  • Interactive elements including videos, photo examples, graphics, quizzes, flashcards, charts & etc.
  • Learn classic lashing application
  • Learn eye anatomy & hair growth
  • Learn about lash removal
  • Course & kit costs $395+
  • Course access expires
  • Less lash industry experience
  • No certificate
  • Solely a webinar or not as interactive