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Lash Pro™ Remover

Lash Pro™ Remover

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Remove your Bella Lash Pro™ looks without damaging your natural lashes. Simply apply this remover and watch your lashes slip right off.

Key Benefits:

  • Concentrated Formula: Our concentrated formula is a gentle yet effective solution for removing Bella Lash Pro™.
  • Quick and Easy: Enjoy a quick and easy removal process that leaves your natural lashes clean and ready for a fresh set of Bella Lash Pro™.
  • Breaks Down Bond: Specially designed to break down the bond between false lashes and natural lashes.
  • Safe on Natural Lashes: Perfect solution for removing Bella Lash Pro™ without damaging your natural lashes.
  • Oil-Based: Our oil-based formula conditions and nourishes, leaving your natural lashes feeling soft and healthy.

Experience hassle-free lash removal with the Bella Lash Pro™ Remover – the perfect companion for maintaining beautiful, healthy lashes.


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