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Lash Pro Lock Adhesive™

Lash Pro Lock Adhesive™

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Pro Lock™ Adhesive brushes on like a mascara, making lash application easy and secure. When used with Bella Lash Pro,  lashes will stay in place for 10-14 days.

Key Benefits:
Long-Lasting: Keeps lashes in place for 10-14 days. 
Easy to Apply: Features a two-part adhesive system for quick and easy application.
Safe: Gentle on the skin, minimizing irritation or allergies. Promotes natural lash growth.
Easy to Remove: Formulated for easy removal without damaging natural lashes.
Professional Results: Achieve long-lasting, beautiful results like a professional lash technician.

Enjoy the confidence of secure, beautiful lashes with Bella Lash Pro Lock™ Adhesive.

What’s Included:

4.5 ML Pro Lock Adhesive™


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