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Classic Tweezers

Classic Tweezers

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Classic Crane Tweezer
Designed for classic application. The angle of the crane and sharp tip make picking up the lash extensions and placing the lash extensions a breeze. Can also be used for isolation, although more commonly used in application.

Classic Curved Tweezer
Great for isolating and classic application. Its curvature and sharp tip makes both isolating and placement a breeze.

Classic Straight Tweezer
Features the sharpest point and precision. It allows for isolation of fine lashes. It can also be used for precise application.

Classic Petite Tweezer
The smallest and most compact tweezer for classic lashing, giving incredible control. The refined tip is ideal for lash pick up and placement visibility. Can be used for classic lashing or isolation.

Surgical Steel
Easily grab and isolate individual lashes
Perfect for beginner lash artists


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