Volume Tweezers



Bella's seven stainless steel volume tweezers are ideal for isolation and lash fan creation. Each tweezer is tested for maximum precision and tip control from our educators. The wide variety of designs and shapes can accommodate all personal tweezer preferences.

Bella Lash Volume Tweezers:

  • Curved
  • Full
  • Isolation
  • L
  • Petite
  • Pro
  • XL Pro

  • Volume Curved Tweezer
    Slightly curved with a sharp point and allows for a more meticulous lash isolation.

    Volume Full Tweezer
    Contains a firm grip and is able to clasp the lashes tightly. The long foot gives a larger work zone and control for lash fan making and is the longest foot in the volume line. It offers a pinpoint tip and can be used for all volume techniques.

    Volume Isolation Tweezer
    Features the sharpest point and precision. It allows for isolation of fine lashes. The Volume Isolation differs from the Classic Straight tweezer by its thinner, finer tip and provides more visibility to easily isolate.

    Volume L Tweezer
    Features a wide surface area at the foot making it great for fanning lashes. The L shaped foot gives complete control and precision. Can be used for all volume techniques.

    Volume Petite Tweezer
    The smallest and most compact tweezer for volume lashing, giving incredible control. The refined tip is ideal for lash fan creation movement and visibility. Can be used for all volume techniques or isolation.

    Volume Pro Tweezer
    Contains a rounded foot shape for pick up and grip on fans. It is a smaller version of the Pro XL Tweezer. Can be used for all volume techniques.

    Volume XL Pro Tweezer
    An extra-large version of the pro tweezer. The long body allows for a firm grip on lash fans for concise control. Can be used for all volume techniques.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Precise grip for fan creation
  • Reviews (208)

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    Mehreen - 12/12/20

    I love it

    selena - 06/23/20

    was introduced to the volume xl pro tweexers and then bought the volume pro and I am even more obsessed with the volume pro tweezers!! The hold and grip is tight

    Vernesia - 01/02/20

    Best Volume Tweezers I Have Ever Used ! Has a nice grip & easy to fan with

    Linda - 05/03/18

    Easy to pickup lash. I love it

    Nicole - 05/03/18

    The Pro tweezers are a must have, although I do also use my Diamond cranes for volumes as well....which i just love more and more with every time I use them!!