Poly-Stop™ Adhesive Preservers

These ingenious adhesive squares will slow down the polymerization process of your adhesive, allowing a drop to last 3 times longer. There are 32 squares per package (use 1 per client).

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Slow the polymerization process with our new Poly-Stop™ Adhesive Preservers. These squares fit perfectly on any stone and work to insure that your adhesive lasts 3 times as long. For lash artists, this means you can use less adhesive for a single client. One drop will go the distance. Adhesive will stay consistent throughout your entire service.

1. Peel a single Poly-Stop Ashesive Preserver™ off of the blue sheet. (one square per client) 2. Stick Adhesive Preserver to any clean stone of choice. 3. Dispense one drop of adhesive onto the Adhesive Preserver. 4. Lash as normal. 5. Peel Adhesive Preserver off stone when complete.

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