Poly-Stop™ Adhesive Preservers



These ingenious adhesive squares will slow down the polymerization process of your adhesive, allowing a drop to last 3 times longer. There are 32 squares per package (use 1 per client).

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Anonymous - 12/17/20

Poly-stop adhesive squares

These quickly became an absolute essential lash item for me!

simone - 06/28/20

AMAZING!! 1 adhesive drop was good for 1 hour. I am super impressed with this product. It will definitely make my lash adhesive last much longer than the usual.

Shayla - 12/18/19


Arlene - 10/19/19

I just used these for the first time today and they do not disappoint! I used one drop of Platinum adhesive for a 90 minute refill when the humidity in the room was at 44%. The drop of glue was still going strong even at the very end.

Jacqueline - 10/19/19

WOW!!! 1 drop of adhesive goes a full hour without any curing at all! LOVE THESE!