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Same amazing lashes in less time than ever before. Crystallized Fans™ are here to give you the boost you need to elevate your artistry. In all the lengths that you love, these Crystallized Fans™ are designed with the lash artist in mind. Each fan is hand made and bonded for light, sturdy fans that hold their curl and give you the freedom to create custom looks from start to finish. In 3D, 4D, & 6D, you can create looks from hybrid to mega volume with ease.

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Mona - 01/23/21

My favorite lashes

So far, these lashes are my favorite! Looks and feels so natural .. love them 😍

Stephanie - 12/21/19

I’ve been lashing with these for the last few weeks. I’m a self proclaimed lash snob so of course I waited for Bella to dream up this light weight fan because I knew it’d beat the competition and be worth it! It is. Leveled up on my lash game. Thanks BL 🖤 Beautiful product. Pulling the fans off the strip is simple— they stay together without fault. Applying them to the lash with diamond adhesive, easy. I couldn’t find a single complaint on my end. So I continued to lash and waited for those ladies to circle back into the studio for a fill. And when they did, I asked them all the questions— did they flip over on you? Nope. Do they feel different? No. Did you seem to lose more than normal? No. All around, they retained beautifully. They do lose their curl a bit in between appointments but it’s minor loss and so I can’t be mad at this Bella brilliance.

jeana - 12/11/19

Great product