Clear Quartz Adhesive

$39.99 - $60.00

Bella's new Quartz adhesive is a clear adhesive meant for lash pros who want quality and consistency. With it's low fumes, strong hold and fast dry times, our clear adhesive stands out from the crowd.

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- Lower fumes. Great for your moderately sensitive clients - 1-2 second dry time - 4-5 week retention - Remains elastic after drying - Fantastic viscosity - Strong hold - Colored lash friendly The Ingredients in the adhesive are: ETHYL-2-CYANOACRYLATE PMMA
Q: What's the retention like? A: Retention will be 4-5 weeks. Q: What's the setting time? A: It sets in 1-2 seconds Q: What is the humidity level? A: The ideal humidity range for Bella Lash adhesives is between 40-60%. Q: What is the Storage life? A: Storage life is approximately 6 months unopened or 4-6 weeks after opening. Q: What should the temperature be? A: The temperature should be between 60-72 degrees F. Q: Is the adhesive latex and formaldehyde free? A: Yes, our adhesives are latex and formaldehyde free. Q: Can I mix this adhesive with others? A: Yes, you can mix any of our adhesives.

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