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Bella Lash Educator Testimonials

"My dream was to open my shop, and I didn't think that I would be able to open it so fast if it wasn't for the fact that I became an educator with Bella Lash. It gave me the push to go for my dreams and open my Salon. And it gave me my second dream, which was to teach and help people fall in love with lash extensions just as much as I love them."

Barbara Romanov

"My experience with Bella Lash Education has been wonderful. The quality of their education, the consistency of their products, and giving us the tools to become a better lash artist. They value their customers, just like I value my clients, and that is what I want to stand behind. The only thing I regret is not jumping on sooner."

Savi Vu

"I was literally pulled up from the ashes by Bella Lash. If it wasn't for them and seeing the potential of me and my ability to train, I don't think I would have the trajectory I have today"

Andrea Roane

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