Knowing Your Adhesive

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

At Bella, we have 4 different types of adhesives. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your career and one that will work for each of your clients! We are your biggest advocate; we want you to succeed! Here is everything you need to know about Bella’s line of adhesives.


Silver Sensitive: 2-3 week hold time, 5-6 second drying time, 0 fumes, latex and formaldehyde free.

Besides allergies to latex and formaldehyde, some people can also have a reaction to cyanoacrylate, which is in all adhesive. Our silver sensitive has extremely minimal cyanoacrylate in it, which is why it has a longer drying time, but helps with those sensitive clients!


Gold: 4-5 week hold time, 4-5 second drying time, minimum fumes, latex and formaldehyde free.

This is an excellent adhesive to use when first learning to do lashes. It has a long hold time, but still gives you a little bit of time to place the lash before the adhesive cures.


Volume: 6-8 week hold time, 2-3 second drying time, volume lashes, latex and formaldehyde free.

Volume is perfect to use when creating those gorgeous fans, but can also be used for classic, as well. The quicker drying time helps speed up the lashing process.


Platinum +: 6-8 week hold time, 2-3 second drying time, volume lashes, latex and formaldehyde free.

Platinum is a favorite of many! This adhesive is just a little bit stronger than the volume, and can also be used for volume or classic lashing, although it is formulated specifically for volume.


Bella Lash Eyelash Extension Adhesive


Did you know you can mix and match all of our adhesives??

Because we formulated our adhesives, here in the U.S., it is safe to mix and match whichever ones you want! If you have a client who wants volume lashes, but has sensitive eyes, mix Volume and Gold. If you think the fumes are too high on the Platinum +, mix the Platinum and Volume. It’s up to you!


How to store our adhesive:

Our adhesives should be stored at a constant temperature. It should be about 65 degrees F and dark. If you do not have a temperature controlled refrigerator, we suggest storing them in a sealed tupperware container with rice in a dark cupboard or drawer.


Humidity and Temperature:

The ideal humidity range for all of our adhesives is between 40-60% and the temperature should be somewhere between 64-77 degrees F.


Make sure to shake your adhesive rigorously for 30-60 seconds before each use!! Have any other adhesive questions? Call us! 855-423-5525, or email




XO, Bella

Building a Clientele

Building a clientele

Building a clientele

What is it that makes building a clientele soooo hard?! Especially when starting out, this can be one of the most difficult parts of success. We have a few tips to building and maintaining a successful clientele!! <3


Make education a priority!

  1. 1. Make Education a Priority!

-Train with a well-known, established company… aka Bella Lash 😉

Although these companies may have higher prices, than other smaller companies, their education is top notch and will leave you with everything you need to know! After you’re certified, name-drop the company you certified with EVERYWHERE. This will make you seem more reliable and educated to your clients.

-Never stop learning!

Bella Lash offers free “refresher courses” to brush up on some dusty skills, or to talk about some new techniques in the industry! There is always more to learn!!


Bella Lash Logo

2. Create a Professional Business Name

-Create a Facebook and Instagram Business page for yourself.

These two platforms are never ending portfolios for your business! It’s quick, easy, and will constantly be updated. This is where the majority of people go to find a reliable lash artist!

Build a Website

If this doesn’t make you seem extremely professional, I don’t know what will. Having your own website for your business can boost sales by a lot! Especially if it has a beautiful layout that can be navigated easily so everything your potential client needs is in one place!


3. Make it Easy for a Client to Book.

-Use a Booking App!

We suggest using a booking app because things can get hairy if a lot of strangers get a hold of your personal phone number. If you create a business email, I suggest checking it frequently! (First time shoppers typically are looking around at several places, so the quicker you get back to them, the more likely they are to book you!)

Here are some booking apps that you should take a look at!




Square Scheduling





Salon Iris


Comfortable and professional

4. Make Your Lashing Room Comfortable and Professional

-Always make sure your room is clean, sanitary and free of all clutter.

Besides your clients’ first impression of YOU, their first impression of your lashing space will be a big factor of whether or not they return. Make sure it’s a space that they feel comfortable in.

-Display your certification!



-If building a clientele is your main goal…

This is the BEST THING YOU CAN DO! This will keep your current clients loyal (knowing that they get a discount if they refer someone to you) and it will bring in more clients.


Make your clients feel beautiful and important!

6. Make them feel beautiful and important!

-Become friends with your clients!

Remember their name, remember what you talked about the previous session, and remember their dog’s name and their boyfriend drama! This will create a connection and bond that many other lash artists will not have with their clients! Relationship=loyalty!


XOXO, Bella


5 Goals Lash Artists Should Have


It is so important to set (and keep) goals throughout the entire year! It has been long enough since January 1st, that I think it’s time to set some new goals!

Here are the 5 goals that Bella Lash suggests you make!

  1. 1. Stay fully stocked

There’s nothing worse than not having the lashes that your client wants. This gives them the chance to leave, and go to someone who has the lashes that they want. Also make sure any products you resell to your clients are in stock so they don’t have to find those products elsewhere.

Staying Stocked


2. Keep track of good clients

Staying in touch with good clients will help you maintain and build your clientele. Thank them for their loyalty, and reward them for referrals. Don’t forget to send reminders to all clients. Your time is valuable and any last minute cancellation can hurt your overall income. These reminders will help them stay accountable, and should give you enough time to find a client that can fill their spot.

Keeping Track of Your Clients


3. Market yourself

Marketing yourself with help in building a large clientele. Besides creating a social media platform to showcase your work, some good ideas are to create your own website, pass out your business cards wherever you go, and wear cute lash apparel! You will literally be a walking, talking advertisement!

(Read our blog post about how to take the best photos for your IG, HERE! )

Eyelash Extension Branding


4. Invest to impress

Finding the “cheapest” product is not a good idea when working so close to people’s eyes. You need to be able to trust the brand you are going with. Make sure that your company’s products are made in the U.S. (like Bella Lash). Quality over quantity every time.

Best Eyelash Cleanser


5. Always continue your education

Have you only been trained in Classic lashing? Set a goal to take a Volume course! Already taken both? Bella offer’s refresher courses so you can continue your education and trainings. The industry is constantly changing and growing, so keeping up with the latest and greatest is a MUST!

Eyelash Extension Training


XOXO, Bella

How To Take The Best Photos For Your Instagram


We all know marketing is EVERYTHING. Your brand should be recognizable, beautiful, and unique. For Instagram marketing… it all starts with beautiful photos!

Soooo, how do you take beautiful photos if you aren’t trained in photography?! Bella Lash will give you the run down 🙂


Step 1: Consent

First and foremost, get consent from your client. Make sure they are okay with you taking photos of them. If they aren’t comfortable with that, remind them that you’re just photographing their eyes. Hopefully that will persuade them to let you! This is step one to building a glamorous portfolio.

kilash_extensions Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Kylie White


Step 2: Prep

If you’re taking a photo of them laying down, clean the area around you… including their face. If there are any loose lashes on their face, take them off! There is nothing more distracting than trash on your table, or lashes on their face. You don’t want anything to distract your followers from the gorgeous set you just completed!

savannah_bellalash Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Savannah Carmichael

If you’re taking a photo of them standing up, put them in front of a blank wall. This will create a clean, professional look for your profile!

luxlashesbylana Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Lana Wyer


Step 3: Lights… Camera…

Lighting makes the absolute biggest difference in photos! Make sure it’s bright. Ideally, you should use natural light from the sun. If you are close to a window, utilize that light! If it’s dark out, or you aren’t near a window, use a ring light or a Glamcor. The problem with synthetic lighting is that it can give your photos a yellow or blue hue.  Here is an example of regular room lighting versus natural lighting.

Room lighting

Room Lighting Eyelash Extensions

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting Eyelash Extensions

Set by Savannah Carmichael


Step 4: Don’t stop, don’t stop.

Don’t be afraid to take several photos to get the best angle, best lighting, and best view possible of your gorgeous set! Most clients will love the paparazzi 😉


Step 5: Editing Your Beauties!

We know your clients are all models, and don’t need editing…. But just in case they do… Here are our favorite 9 free iPhone photo editing apps!

  • Snapseed
    • “Complete and professional photo editor developed by Google”
    • Snapseed
  • Airbrush
    • “Subtle, precise, and easy-to-use photo editing tools”
    • Airbrush
  • ColorStory
    • “Focuses on fresh photos, bright whites, and colors that pop”
    • Color Story
  • Filmborn
    • “Preset filters to make photos look like film”
    • Filmborn
  • VSCO
    • “The best app to edit & share photography”
    • VSCO
  • PS Express 
    • “Fast, powerful, and advanced editing on mobile devices”
    • PS Express
  • Priime 
  • “Edit photos with filters created from the styles of the world’s top photographers”
  • Priime
  • Toolwiz Photos 
    • One click photo editing to convert your everyday photos into masterpieces”
    • Toolwiz
  • FotoRus 
    • “Professional edit, beauty, special effects, and stickers”
    • FotoRus


Aaaaand, if you want to spend money…



“FaceTune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.”




Step 6: Last but not least, Switching it up

Don’t be afraid to take photos of your lash sets at different angels. Show off new things. For example, post a picture of a perfect fan you placed on a lash. Post a photo of you practicing fans in your spare time. Post a photo of a client who has amazing natural lashes. Post some pictures of quotes or other eyelash related content to engage your customers and make your feed look pretttttyyyyy!


XOXO, Bella


The Bella Bunny Has Arrived!

Bella Bunny Ears

We have been SO excited for the Bella Bunny to come and share what her Easter deal is!

Easter is such a fun time of year. Spring sunshine, growth, happiness, change, and beauty!

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extension Products The Bella Bunny

Drumroll please……

BUY 2 GEL PATCHES GET 1 FREE! People totally go crazy over our gel patches, and this is your chance to go crazy over them too!

Gel Patches

Our mission and goal is to make the best quality eyelash extension products for our customers. You guys are the reason we are here! We would do ANYTHING for you!!

Our gel patches are one of kind and the best in the industry! Why???

  1. 1. They provide a soothing and comfortable under eye collagen treatment.
    1. – This is something you can upsell if you don’t want to use them on every single client. You can offer an “under eye collagen treatment for only 4$ more” or whatever you want to charge!
  2. 2. The ultra-grip gel securely separates bottom lashes and stays in place.
    1. -These gel patches are the only gel patches I’ve ever used that actually stay in place! If they slip around for you, try cleansing under their eye before applying them to get rid of any oil or makeup that would make the skin slippery.
  3. 3. The gel patch releases easily after lash application.
    1. -The first time I ever got my eyelashes done, the eyelash extension artist only applied tape under my eye, and can I tell you… IT HURT SO BAD when she ripped it off. Not a pleasant experience. Gel patches will keep your clients happy!
  4. 4. They are topped with an innovative lint free coating to prevent lint from interfering with the eyelash extension process.
    1. -Nothing is more annoying than lint or cotton getting stuck in the lashes while applying eyelash extensions. These will keep any of that from happening!

Does it get any better? No.

So enjoy this sale while it lasts!


Bella Lash Bunnies Bella Lash Easter Eyelash Extension Easter Supplies Eyelash Extension Supplies

XOXO, Bella

Everything You Need to Know About the Spring Lash Shed


Spring Lash Shed

What is going on?! What’s Spring Lash Shed? Why are all of my clients losing their lashes so quickly?!

Bella Lash is here to explain everything to you!


What is the spring lash shed, and why does it happen?

Just like a dog sheds his winter coat, you and I (and all of our clients) shed theirs as well! Not just the hair on our heads, but the hair on our face, too. Our body goes through a period of change to prepare for the new season. This is due to a mix of weather changes that take place and affect our internal body responses.


How do I know if my client is experiencing this?

This isn’t something you would recognize unless it is a client that you have had for several months. If their retention pattern is a little off at this time, don’t stress. It is just the spring lash shed and it’s completely normal. If your client is getting frustrated, ask them if they are losing more hair on their head or noticing any changes in their skin. These are also signs of the lash shed.


How long is this going to last?

It really depends on the person, the climate, and the area you live in! For example, someone in California might not experience this at all because the temperature there is fairly constant. On the other hand, someone in Utah may experience this for a few more weeks than most because of the drastic season changes. On average, though, I would say no more than a few weeks.


Can my clients prevent the lash shed?

There’s not much you can do to prevent it completely, but your client can help the cause by utilizing AFTERCARE!! It is so incredibly important to cleanse during this phase because of the rise in allergies, oil production, and other changes that can cause buildup in their lashes.


Inform your clients!

Make sure to educate your clients on how this is a normal thing to be experiencing, so they don’t think it’s because of you! Give each of your clients 10 or 15 minutes extra so you have enough time to fill extra lashes in case they have lost more due to the season. Happy clients are loyal clients.


We hope this is everything you’ve ever needed to know about the spring lash shed! Please contact us at sales@bellalashextensions if you have ANY questions!

The Dreaded Spring Lash Shed


XOXO, Bella

Nebulizer vs. Nano Mister


You ask. We tell.

Ever since we launched our Nebulizer, there has been so much hype about the difference between a nebulizer and a nano mister! We are here to clear the confusion.

Both nano misters and nebulizers are meant to quickly and effectively cure the eyelash extension adhesive. As adhesive dries naturally, it forms a hard shell on the outside, leaving the adhesive flexible on the inside. This is why we suggest waiting 24 hours before getting them wet. The ultra-fine mist from the nebulizer helps cure the adhesive immediately, from the outside in. This is where a nebulizer and a nano mister differ.


-The nebulizer’s mist is so fine that it doesn’t affect the lashes, other than polymerizing the adhesive at a quicker rate and soothing your clients’ eyes. In the photo below the mist is so fine, it looks like a cloud of fog.


-The nano mister is supposed to do the same thing, but the mist droplets are bigger, and spit out onto the lashes. If you nano mist for too long, you can blanch the lashes with too much water. This turns them white and can affect the retention. Because of the amount of moisture that is released through the nano mister, it is not as good for the lashes as a nebulizer. In the photo below, it shows the heavy stream of water.


People have also been asking how close you hold the nebulizer to your clients eyes, and how long you mist for.

We advise that you hold it about 3-4 inches away from their face, and mist for about 5-10 seconds per eye. The extremely fine mist soothes your client’s eyes, leaving them with no redness, itchiness, or irritation.

Make sure to fill your Bella nebulizer with regular tap water. Distilled water isn’t meant to be in there! Also, make sure you pour out the excess water in-between each client, or it will start to smell like mildew.

This video is everything you need to see. For this, we just used a nano mister found on Amazon.

If you need any more convincing, feel free to email us at <3 We love our Bella’s and want to make sure we answer all your questions!


XOXO, Bella

Brown Lashes: Why You’re Missing Out

Brown Eyelash Extensions

Some clients like a very bold, full set.

Some clients like a very natural classic set.

But what about the clients that want a natural looking set, but still want the fullness of a bold set?


The answer is easy…



Natural Eyelash Extensions

Yes, it’s that easy!

Think about it… brown is the most natural and prominent eyelash color. So to keep it natural, brown is the way to go!




     -Clients who are blonde or red headed can wear them and still have a pretty bold look, without the dramatic change           from blonde to complete black.

     -If your favorite style of black is out of stock, brown is the perfect go-to

     -Brown is friendly to those who have never had eyelash extensions before. First time users always seem to be a little           hesitant, and this will help them ease into the bold, stunning look you know they’ll eventually want!


If you haven’t already, get your brown eyelash extensions before you lash a client that needs them!

Brown Lashes

XOXO, Bella


P.S. How hypnotizing is this video?!



March: The Month To GET LUCKY!

Eyelash Extension Scratch Off Cards

Luck (noun): 1. Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

Maybe this is true… but we believe luck is to take advantage of the right situations. And we have given you the PERFECT situation to take advantage of!

March: The month to GET LUCKY!!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week, we will be sending a scratch it card in every order sent out from now until Friday! EVERY. SINGLE. CARD will win at least one of these prizes:

-FREE Primer

-FREE Gel Patches

-FREE 15ml Cleanser

-FREE Lash Pod with $100 purchase

-FREE Lash Tray with $100 purchase

-FREE 5ml Adhesive

To Redeem: Enter the card number at the top right of the card as a discount code when you check out!

Who’s excited for some March Luck and some Bella Lash Goodies?!

Get Lucky Scratch Off Cards Bella Lash Scratch Off Card


We are lucky to have you as a customer!!


XOXO, Bella

The New And Improved Double Tile!


So many new products coming your way!! We absolutely love showering our Bella’s with the latest and greatest eyelash extension products. So stay tuned, because this isn’t the last one!!


Yes, Bella Lash patented the Lash Tile quite a while ago, and it has definitely been a favorite among many. The tile allows you to easily handle the eyelash strips and glue during the application process. The curved surface forces the ends of each eyelash extension to spread further apart, making it easier and faster for application. No wonder everyone loves it!


So what’s different about the new one?


Our new tile has an easy release jade stone holder, holds multiple rows of eyelash extensions, can be organized by length and size, and it has a sleek innovative look and logo!


The biggest difference is the jade stone holder. There used to be only one release divot, now there are two, so the stone can be picked up easily.


Bella is making your job easier, quicker, and better one product at a time!



XOXO, Bella