General questions
Yes we are. None of our products are animal tested (we love them too much!)

Our headquarters is proudly located in Vineyard, Utah.

Bella Lash Customer Experience is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm MST
You may call us at +1 (855) 423-5525
You may email us at support@bellalash.com
You may text us at +1 (201) 720-4111 You may also send us a Chat at bellalash.com
Or you may contact us through Social Media @Bellalash

Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking details, and a tracking number. The carrier will have the most up to date information on your package.

Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information. The carrier will have the most accurate up do date information on your package. Please track your package as Bella Lash is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Unfortunately once the order has been placed we are unable to make any changes due to our shipping department receiving all orders and getting them shipped out as soon as received.

Of course! Our products are loved by customers around the world and we’re happy to offer worldwide shipping.
If stored properly and for the best retention we recommend to use for about 4-6 weeks after opening.

All of our adhesives have a recommended humidity of 40%-60% and temperature of about 65-77 Degrees F. We have found we get the best results between this humidity and temp.

Yes, all of our adhesives are Latex and formaldehyde free. They all are medical grade so you and your customers get the best use out of them.

The Silver Sensitive adhesive works the best for those very sensitive clients.

Any of our adhesives work fantastic for volume lashing. The choice is yours!

All of our cleansers are oil free and extension safe Our Deep cleanser is a gel consistency used 2-3 times a day The Lash cleanser is very thin and meant to be used daily The Detox is mainly for the lash artist to give clients a lash bath and it’s a foaming consistency. They are all great for after care!

Yes, the serum is lash extension safe. Grow while you wear! It has clinically proven to strengthen and lengthen by 72% in just 4 weeks.

Yes. They are water based, and rinses off easily with just water.

Natural Touch is a very light which also contains our Intelliseal Perfect Touch is great for when you need a 2 week fill, and also contains our Intelliseal. Volume Touch is thicker which does not contain intelliseal

No, tweezers are not included in the case.

They are Gold plated with a diamond tip that allows a great grip

All of our lashes are synthetic mink.
Classic lashes will be .15 and above Volume lashes will be .12 and under Royalty lashes are our flat lashes, they are concave at the root and will wrap around the natural lash. Cashmere lashes are also royal, but they are matte and have a split end for a much softer feel. Feathered blend lashes only come in Volume and are a mixture of multiple lengths in each strip.

No, it does not come with a charging cord. We recommend AA batteries.
Push the press button on the back, then push the nozzle (it will click) then turn on. Make sure the batteries are also facing the right way.

MSDS are available only by request. Please reach out to Customer Experience at support@bellalash.com

Absolutely! Please fill out our application for a wholesale or distributor account at bellalash.com in the Explore Programs tab. If you have any further questions please contact Customer Experience at Support@bellalash.com or call us at +1 (855) 423-5525, or Chat Icon with Customer support.
- Did you send that in via Email or on the education portal?”
- You may not be pulling up in our database. Please send those photos of your models as well as a picture of your certification form to certifications@bellalashextenisons.com

We are currently in the process of switching over our certified student accounts so that code is automatically applied to your discount! Please send us your email and first and last name that corresponds with your Bella Lash account to certifications@bellalashextenisons.com and we will change your account over.

Please contact Bella Lash Education at +1 (855) 423-5525 extension 2 or email us at accountmangement@bellalash.com 

Under the “Academy" tab Click "Find a Course" and type in your location, classes near you will appear!”

You can go to our website (do everything that was written in #4) and select the class you would like to take. Click “see classes” then “course details” and pay through PayPal on our website. Or you can contact your educator and sign up through them.

It will expire and you will be unable to continue to work on it the day of your class.

Please contact Bella Lash Education or email certifications@bellalashextensions.com and supply the correct the spelling if incorrect, and we will get it sent out as quickly as possible.

How long have you been doing Classic lashes? We require at least 6 months of classic lashing before taking our volume course.

We don’t keep track of the laws of every state so you will need to reach out to your educator and ask those questions. Usually, the answer will be yes.

Prices will vary. Please reach out to the educator at that location you are interested in as they have that info for you.


After your course is complete and you send us in five model photos and they look up to a standard we will issue a certification.

Please contact your educator as Bella Lash does not take your payment. You are welcome to call Bella Lash Education to further explain your situation.

Contact your educator and they will assist you. You can also contact Bella Lash Education at +1 (855) 423-5525 extension #2.
If you are a CTC or a partnered school please email accountmanagement@bellalash.com or call us at +1 (855) 423-5525
Question not answered? email us support@bellalash.com