Eyelash Extension Tray, Crystallized Fan Style Tray, 12 Lines
Eyelash Extension Tray, Crystallized Fan, open tray closeup
Crystallized Fan Eyelash Extensions, 6 Dimension, 4 Dimension, 3 Dimension individual fans
Crystallized Fan Eyelash Extensions placed on lash tile
Crystallized Fan Eyelash Extensions practice set on a makup sponge
Crystallized Fan Eyelash Extensions on table with tweezers

Crystallized Fans™ Single Trays - 0.05mm

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Same amazing lashes in less time than ever before. These premade fans are here to give you the boost you need to elevate your artistry. In all the lengths that you love, these Crystallized Fans™ are designed with the lash artist in mind. Each fan is hand made and bonded for light, sturdy fans that hold their curl and give you the freedom to create custom looks from start to finish. In 3D, 4D, & 6D, you can create looks from hybrid to mega volume with ease.